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Update 12/11/2018: This position has been filled.

Job Description

You’ll be using visual tools to help clients build a stronger case. The work product may be used to explain logistics, sequence, and details of construction projects. Or it could be a reconstruction of a vehicle crash, a crime scene, an explanatory diagram or a presentation slide deck. Check out our portfolio to see examples.

You’ll enjoy a fast-paced work environment, which typically requires projects to be completed in a matter of days or weeks. When we’re busy you’ll be working on several projects simultaneously. At other times, you’ll be assisting with marketing efforts by writing blog posts and reaching out to colleagues in the profession. The office environment is casual, and the work schedule is flexible to preserve work/life balance. However, you’ll be challenged to do great work and occasionally put in extra hours to meet deadlines.

The starting wage for this position is $24-$28 per hour, depending on experience. You’ll be part of a small company with strong growth potential, so rapid advancement is possible. Fat Pencil Studio is an equal opportunity employer and offers paid time off & health insurance benefits.

Skills & Experience

We’re looking for a person with a bachelors degree and 3+ years of practical experience in architecture, construction, or product design. You’ll need to demonstrate an ability to:

  1. Review complex plan drawings and details, then distill this information into simple, yet accurate diagrams.
  2. Create a reasonably scaled 3d model of a building or other object based solely on photographs (no measurements).
  3. Present information in a clear and concise manner using good principles of graphic design.

We use Adobe Creative Suite for 2d drawing, page layout and motion graphics, and Trimble SketchUp for 3d modeling, so proficiency with these tools is important.

If you are interested in applying for this position, please write a brief letter of introduction that explains why you want to work at Fat Pencil Studio. We’ll also want to review your resume and some work samples. Please send application materials via email to <jobs@fatpencilstudio.com>. We will respond within two business days to acknowledge receipt, and advise you regarding next steps.


Joshua Cohen is a Principal at Fat Pencil Studio