Exploded View


(Above: Exploded view of a gear assembly, from Leonardo da Vinci’s Codex Atlanticus, now available for online browsing.)

We like to make things clear.

When illustrating complex systems or assemblies, we highlight important components while maintaining sight of the surrounding context.

Techniques like exploded view and cutaway diagrams are great for this: visually describing each part and how it fits within a system as a whole. Developed during the Renaissance and adopted early on by such clever folks as Francesco di Giorgio and Leonardo da Vinci, the clear visual style allows for communication of new, complex ideas. Our engineering backgrounds have given us a deep appreciation for the techniques.


Coaster Brake

For some projects we start with 2d schematic drawings provided by design professionals, and create a 3d perspective that will be understood by a wider audience. However, design drawings are not always available. In these situations we revert to old fashioned tools of measurement and keen observation to create clear and accurate illustrations of a product assembly.

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