Replacing the Burnside Bridge


For the last year and a half, we've been working with HDR Engineering and Multnomah County on the Earthquake Ready Burnside Bridge project. Now, the county is presenting a recommended bridge option and seeking public feedback. You can learn more about the project, take the survey, and have a look at the graphics and animations we created for it, at the Online Open House, now through the end of August.

The first time we wrote about this project in our blog, the bridge options were simple ribbons representing the various alignment options being considered. Now, the bridges in our SketchUp model, while still design concepts, are more fully realized with detail on and below the roadway deck, supporting members and lift towers. It's fun to see the 3d model come to life as more of these details are added.

Here's how a new bridge might look from Waterfront Park:

And here are some of the bridge types being considered:


Joel Newman is a Senior Designer at Fat Pencil Studio