Tinkering with Dynamic Components in SketchUp

Dynamic Scaffolding

Once in a while, we need to model scaffolding in a very specific way– for example when it's the subject of a lawsuit, as in this case from 2017. The rest of the time, we need something more simple and generalized, to visualize where and how site work and access occurs. In SketchUp, our 3D modeling software of choice, it's simple enough to copy and paste individual scaffolding frames and platforms. However, SketchUp's dynamic components tools offer an easier, more streamlined approach.

Instead of manually adding scaffolding parts, we can simply tell SketchUp to multiply frames and platforms to fill the desired space. Easy!

Need some scaffolding for your next project? Feel free to use ours, available for free from SketchUp's 3D Warehouse. Just click the 3D Warehouse links in the preview images below:


Joel Newman is a Senior Designer at Fat Pencil Studio